Laser Hair Removal Treatments Ipswich

Laser Hair Removal Treatments Ipswich

New to JINC Beauty, we are now offering Medical Grade, FDA Approved Diode Laser hair removal treatments.

How Does It Work?

Diode lasers have been reported as the best for hair removal and along with its patented cooling system, our laser offers permanent removal of unwanted hair in a super-fast pain free treatment. Unlike older technology lasers and IPL our Diode laser delivers maximum energy to destroy the hair not just damage it. Our Diode Laser System has a patented cooling system to keep your skin cool and comfortable resulting in a pain free treatment whilst delivering high energy into the hair follicle.

Modesty During Treatment

At JINC Beauty, our fully qualified and professional technicians work to create and maintain a friendly, courteous and safe environment at all times for our clients. We understand the need to preserve modesty and have all experienced the laser hair removal regime. You will be greeted warmly and be made comfortable, allowed to undress in private and be provided with a modesty sheet. But most importantly, you will have the SAME therapist performing all of your consecutive treatments. The pleasing results far outweigh the minor embarrassment that some people feel during the treatment.

Laser Vs IPL

There are many differences between lasers and IPL’s. The biggest difference is the wavelength of light. When treating a hair follicle we must ensure the light travels at the correct depth in order to reach the root of the hair. The Diode Laser System ensures successful hair removal, damaging the root by selectively heating them while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machines use a broad spectrum of light, sending out multiple wavelengths which are not concentrated, to destroy the hair follicle. This means that not all the light is penetrating at the right depth to target the hair. It opens the body up to receive unneeded wavelengths of energy and damaging multiple structures below the dermis (as shown below). IPL machines do not have the ability to use “selective photothermolysis” which is the rapid heating of a select structure and not the surrounding areas.

Laser Hair Removal Ipswich
Laser Hair Removal Ipswich - Jinc Beauty

Maximum versatility

Our Diode Laser System has a choice of 3 wavelengths to customise treatment for all skin types. We can treat all areas of the body, all skin types and all hair types excluding white or grey hairs. Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women.

Minimum cost

Even though our Diode Laser produces the highest quality and power to deliver best results, due to its speed of treatment we offer very competitive prices. With other lasers you may need over 12 sessions, our Diode System achieves maximum results in just 6 for most people saving you time and money (see price list and don’t forget to check our special offers page).

Your Treatment Plan

Initially we will provide a consultation to explain the treatment in detail and assess your suitability. We will cover a complete medical questionnaire and provide you with all the information you need to be comfortable proceeding with treatment including very clear costing and pre and post treatment instruction and advice.

Following your consultation you can proceed with a patch test to ensure no adverse reaction (patch test fee of £15, which is then deducted from the first treatment cost) and you can begin your first session two days later. You will have approximately 6-8 session sessions 4 weeks apart. Some people may require more maintenance treatments but we can advise you during your consultation.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Price List

Single Treatment Course of 3 Course of 6
Upper Lip £36 £88 £180
Chin £40 £100 £200
Lip & Chin £60 £150 £300
Forearm £90 £225 £450
Full Arm £140 £350 £700
Underarm £70 £175 £350
Bikini £76 £190 £380
Extended Bikini £100 £250 £500
Brazilian £120 £300 £600
Hollywood £130 £325 £650
½ Leg £134 £335 £670
¾ Leg £176 £440 £880
Full Leg £220 £550 £1,100
Full Face £110 £275 £550
Side of Face £60 £150 £300
Side Burns £40 £100 £200
Neck £60 £150 £300
Chest £120 £300 £600
Shoulders £120 £300 £600
Upper Back £120 £300 £600
Full Back £210 £525 £1,050

A course of 3 treatments means you receive the third treatment half price

A course of 6 treatments means you receive the sixth treatment free

Discounts available on multiple areas please ask at consultation